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We are the leader in the race to reduce energy and carbon. We offer the most advanced, up to date, power solution technology and topology to reduce operating cost, reduce energy, reduce carbon emissions while removing (mitigating) Harmonics with our DOS proACTIVE™'s rapid correction, hybrid, multilevel power conversion system. Our first generation proACTIVE™ was developed in 2006. Today, DOS is clearly the leader.

  1. Reduce energy, operating cost and carbon emissions by +/- 20%
  2. Harmonic Eliminator (< 3% iTHD, even if unbalanced or underloaded)
  3. Automatic Load balance of current and Flicker compensation
  4. Displays, logs and email logs... With proACTIVE™, you know it is working!

Reusable energy vs. Renewable energy

Are you concerned with hearing that we need to do something about lowering our world's carbon emissions, that your company may face penalties that will be costly? Renewables such as solar and wind power are very important and should be considered, but are only responsible for approximately 8% of our world's power today. We need to do something more than this for our children's, children to live a life as we know it today. We are extracting fossil fuels, burning them and causing more carbon than our world can handle. DOS is not here to talk about RENEWABLE energy, such as solar and wind power, we are here to talk about a simple approach to REUSABLE energy, reducing the load, the stress on the energy infrastructure while maintaining the same work from our electrical and electronic equipment by simply installing a DOS proACTIVE™ solution to your existing power grid. DOS proACTIVE™ will reduce your operating cost, energy consumption and carbon emissions by +/- 20%, thus the proACTIVE™ solution will pay for itself in just a couple months.

DOS proACTIVE™ hybrid, multilevel power conversion system is upgradable, modular, parallel stackable, therefore your purchase today can be expanded as load demands increase with your company's growth. Models range to cover 50A through to 150,000A applications with voltage range of 380, 400, 415, 440, 480V, 690V. Reusable energy has many advantages over renewable with a much lower upfront cost, smaller foot print, easily expandable by adding more modules or parallel in more stacks, easy install, set-up and maintenance free. DOS proACTIVE™ displays, logs and email all power quality analysis data including harmonic levels, power savings, carbon emission reduction and much more. Our carbon emissions reduction can be presented for carbon tax credits, whereas one ton of carbon equals one carbon tax credit. Tax credits have a value of $15 per credit as of 2017 and can be traded. All of our proACTIVE™ reusable energy installations pay for themselves in a couple short months, compared to 6 to 8 years payback with renewable energy.

proACTIVE™ Energy and Carbon reduction

We live in a day and age where the world is moving faster and change has to be embraced. We have created a center that supports the ideation process, and moving it to presentation allows us to move significantly faster then anyone else in our industry. We say, in our company, that we need to remain curious and critical. If you are curious in business and curious in life, you will learn, every day. If you are critical, you feel objective, enough to look at your best work and ask, can we do it better? Every aspect of our company is constantly under, internal, critical attack, to create an even better company with better products.

We have a great deal of empathy, in our approach to design. The one thing we aspire to hear from our customers is, "I had no idea I could save so much cost of power and yet alleviate our world, of excess carbon emissions".

Carbon credits come into play for companies that produce more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. As of 2017, in Alberta, Canada these companies are required to reduce emission intensity by 12%, annually. To meet this target they have 4 options: implement renewable technology that reduces greenhouse gas emission, pay $15 per ton to a provincial technology and research fund, purchase carbon credits from a third party, or add a DOS Proactive solution, to the existing power system, to reduce both energy cost and carbon emissions by close to +/- 20%.

If a company produces more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, most of the carbon comes from electricity usage. The power companies is charging you more, due to poor power factor and thus, you are paying for excess reactive power, kvarh and additional kwh. A company producing 100,000 tons of carbon uses 168,776,371 kwh of apparent power. At $0.12 per kwh, this would add up to $20,253,164. With DOS Proactive installed on your existing power grid, we can reduce the carbon and power by +/- 20%, therefore reduce power cost by $4,050,632 and reduce carbon by 20,000 tons per year.

One metric ton of carbon dioxide = One carbon tax credit

proACTIVE™ Savings Calculator

Calculate Power Savings and Carbon Reduction with proACTIVE™ installed.

Just three parameters are required VOLTAGE, CURRENT and KILOWATT.

  1. 1 Select the number of phases (Three phase Only, 3 wire and 4 wire).
  2. 2 Enter your real power in kilowatts (kW). kW = (A x V x PF x 1.732)/1000
  3. 3 Enter your operating phase current in amps (A). 50A to 150,000 A
  4. 4 For three phase, select voltage type. (usually measured line to line)
  5. 5 Enter your voltage in volts (V). Line to line: 380, 400, 415, 440, 480V, 690V
  6. 6 Enter AC frequency in Hertz (Hz) - required for proACTIVE™ hybrid sizing.
  7. 7 Press the Calculate button to get your before and after proACTIVE™ results.
  8. The bottom lines show proACTIVE™ power and carbon savings.


Select Three Phase:  
Enter Real Power in Kilowatts: kW
Enter Current in Amps: A
Select Voltage Type:  
Enter Voltage in Volts: V
Enter Frequency in Hertz: Hz
Power Factor Before: PF
Apparent Power Before: kVA
Reactive Power Before: kVAR
Carbon Emissions Before: TONS/year
Carbon Emissions After: TONS/year
Proactive Carbon Reduction: TONS/year
Proactive Power Savings: %
Proactive Cost Savings/year: $/year

proACTIVE™ will reduce operating cost and carbon emissions by +/- 20%.

proACTIVE™ will remove harmonics, reduce flicker and balance current.

proACTIVE™ will pay for itself within a few short months. Accelerated ROI.

proACTIVE™ will increase network capacity, reduce heat dissipation.

proACTIVE™ will increase your electrical and electronic equipment run life.

About proACTIVE™ Harmonics Mitigation

DOS proACTIVE™ provides 100% harmonic mitigation (cancellation) and is the best solution on the market. Completely dynamic. The only stand alone complete harmonic elimination (mitigation) solution available. Works 100% with unbalance and under-loaded. DOS proACTIVE™ displays real time harmonics, data logs and alerts you in the event harmonics exceed user set values. DOS proACTIVE™ also provides Power Factor correction (PFC) to lower power consumption and lower operating cost allowing it to pay for itself faster then any other solution. It is Non-over-loadable. Fastest solution available. Immune to resonance. Adapts to changing conditions, automatically.

Eliminates power quality problems. Extends the life span of the equipment it is connected to. Guaranteed to meet IEEE-519.

DOS proACTIVE™ can be purchased, separately, for use with customer's existing equipment and comes with our DOS Low Harmonic Drives.

See our DOS proACTIVE™ solution in action

About DOS Manufacturing

Our number one priority is testing. Every product designed, implemented, manufactured by DOS is thoroughly quality assurance tested by means of procedures developed over years of producing and receiving feedback from the customer in their field. We ask the customer, what do you like about this DOS product, and they let us know. Then we ask what they don't like about our product or what further features or changes they would like to see in the next production for them. DOS has recorded the field test results and the valuable answers from our customers to manicure the best systems in the world. We listen to our customers and when they see the next generation of the product, they see we carefully designed it for them.

All DOS manufactured produces meet the customer specifications. We usually exceed the specifications with proven features and quality control designs which we have carefully engineered with valuable assets learned from the 43 countries and hundreds of oil fields that DOS has worked.

See our Harmonics Power Study |27 min|

Some of our Projects

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Short bio about DOS Manufactured Products

DOS Manufacturing starting with the 6-pulse VSD with PWM Sine wave filtered output back in 1996. Then we added the passive input filter to this VSD input and manufactured these for many years with good results but with limitations.

As newer VSD technology surfaced and as per oil company specifications, we developed the 12-pulse and 24-pulse VSD and also found limitations with additional drawbacks from the passive filter approach, such that we now require an additional expense phase shifting transformer and further finding restrictions on eliminating (mitigating) harmonics due to the unbalance and less then 100% VSD loading seen at most ESP oilfield.

Since 2013, we incorporated the Active Front End AFE-VSD with a customized harmonics elimination and power factor compensation input and with 3kHz output customized Sine wave filter. The AFE has the lowest input harmonic distortion, no matter how loaded and unbalanced, highest power factor, lowest losses, lowest operating cost, lowest per barrel cost and purest sine-wave input to the power source and output to the ESP motor.